Studio legale Trigari Law Firm

The law firm, with its main office in Milan and a further office in Tuscany, was formed with the advent of globalization, which created new exigencies for companies and firms throughout the world.
From such new challenges derives the international vocation of our firm, that offers its legal services to Italian and foreign companies, as well as natural persons, in Italy, at the European Community level and throughout the world and has developed a specialization in the laws of such commercially important nations such as China, the United States, India, Russian Federation, Brazil, South Africa, Middle-East Countries, Japan and South Korea.
All of our lawyer members of the firm have in-depth expertise in foreign law also due to the fact that they are multilingual. Our Firm also avail itself of professional partnerships with mother tongue translators. These unique skills afford our attorneys an upper edge in successfully resolving trans-border disputes.
Our Firm is grounded on the encounter of different competences.
We supply our clients with comprehensive legal aid in the fields of intellectual property (trademark rights, design patents, patents, copyright, domain names etc.), entertainment law, commercial law, unfair competition, consumer rights, contractual and non-contractual liability, advertisement law, image rights, right to privacy, rights relating to personal dignity, payment recovery.
In particular, we aggressively defend our clients’ IP rights (trademarks, designs, patents, copyright, domain names) against infringers and from unethical attempts of unfair competition.
In that regard, we assist our clients in filing and renewing trademarks, designs, patents etc., in drafting license agreements, coexistence agreements, merchandising agreements, as well as in judicial and administrative disputes, worldwide. We assist many important clients doing business in different fields, for example design, food industry, fashion, marketing researches, software.
Furthermore, we have an in-depth expertise in the field of Domain Name Dispute Resolutions (by which in synthesis it is possible to obtain the assignment of the domain names registered by counterfeiters), both before the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, as well as before many foreign internet registry companies, like NOMINET in the United Kingdom.
We also actively defend our clients’ copyrights both judicially and by drafting license agreements and contracts for the assignment of copyrights, in all sectors, from publishers to music recording companies to creations of artists.
In that regard, we have developed a particular expertise in the elaboration of publishing contracts for national and international publishers, tailored to every necessity of the client. In that way, we are able to notably reduce the risks of legal disputes arising amongst publishers and between publishers and authors. With regard to foreign publishers, in order to enter into any national market it is fundamental to be armed with a suitable contract drafted by a copyright lawyer which takes into account the laws and norms of the country at issue. Judicially, with regard to publishing, we assist authors and publishing companies with legal actions involving the media. We also defend publishing companies in the prosecution of copyright crimes committed by unauthorized copiers.

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